Why Counselling

Why Counselling

Ms Pawar’s experience as a trainer in educational institutions has helped her in developing a deep liking about career guidance. Her knowledge about the industry and her communication skills have helped her in becoming a renowned career counsellor. She has been inherently motivated to delve deeper into a student’s personality and understanding their perspectives as inputs before suggesting a possible career path for them.

For Ms. Pawar, training and mentoring is secondary to her own nature and thus she is motivated to guide 14 or 15 year olds who are perplexed by the range of career choices they are confronted with. By guiding them to make better career choices and being a part of their life, brings immense joy to Ms Pawar.

About the communication skills techniques she employs to make her students future ready, Ms. Pawar believes that, “Mock interviews and workshops give students a perspective about the upcoming UG or PG interviews and even job interviews that they would have to appear for. Communication skills is one of the major areas where students need to focus on in today’s day and age as if you can present something well, then it has a higher chance of making the cut.”

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