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About The Learned Academy

The Learned Academy is based on the principle of being a facilitator of students career choices irrespective of the strata they belong to. The only prerequisite to be a part of this initiative is to have that drive to excel and reach their full potential.

The organization works on the concerted vision of serving as an effective mediator between students, parents and teachers when it comes to choosing the right colleges and careers. During her experience as a corporate trainer and as a counsellor, Ms.Pawar found a common problem among students who feel a situation of unease and indecisiveness when faced with career decisions. The same process can be made easier by bringing in a career counsellor who can guide them in making career decisions at the right time.

Ms Pawar believes that she can add value through:

● Personalized Career Roadmap:

    ○ Through this students become aware about their unique skill sets, caliber, interests
    ○ Addressing their stress related queries, and
    ○ Analyzing their personal needs and providing them with the best fit solution(s)

● Parental Sessions

    ○ Evaluating parents’ expectations and its alignment with the student’s interests and caliber
    ○ Conducting joint counselling sessions to help parents and students reach a common ground in terms of career choices to be made.

Through her desire to become one of the leading career guidance organizations, Ms Pawar and The Learned Academy are surely raring to achieve their mission of universal guidance.

About Ms Pamela Pawar

Ms Pawar is a seasoned industry professional, having worked for a range of brand communication and commercial strategy projects in the consumer space. She has worked as a corporate trainer in sales support domain for Indian firms as well as MNCs. In addition, she has served as an Independent Consultant for firms and has been a proactive entrepreneur providing marcom services to consumer based firms.

Her drive to excel can also be clearly seen from her educational experiences which highlight her belief in continuous professional development. Her prominent educational experiences include:

● Bachelors in Engineering in Electronics and Communication
● Masters in Business Administration in Marketing
● Global Career Counselling Certification

Ms. Pawar has worked extensively with schools, colleges, and educators and guided students in making informed career choices. Her passion to guide the youth has enabled her to understand the current industry trends and chart out a personal roadmap for students as per their profile and personality.

Ms. Pawar works on the principle of ‘motivating others to excel and in the process to improve one’s own self’ to serve as a guiding light for students.

Address : Ravi Estate, Opp

Devdaya Nagar Thane(w) 400606

Contact Number :

+91 9867605550 / 9987977365

Opening Hours :

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm